While the whole world was on pause for a year, student athletes participated in COVID-19 safe and modified activities. Now, Riverside Secondary athletes are eager to play again. But everyone is wondering what the next sports season will look like. Will there be restrictions in place? Will the athletes be allowed to train at school this summer to prepare for next year? Will people be able to cheer on their favourite school team?   

Riverside students enjoying early morning hockey.

During this last year of COVID-19 rules and regulations, the BC School Sports Organization held some modified events for athletes in an effort to keep BC athletes moving and maintain a sense of normalcy.  According to Riverside teacher and Sports Coordinator, Mr. Rob Colombo, the organization did their best to keep athletes and sport teams busy. “BC School Sports held a cross country event where students ran their own race and submitted scores, and they did some esports competitions as well. And they also attempted some spring track and field events, which were well participated in, but nothing compared to what we see in a normal year,” said Colombo.  

With the progress made with vaccines, full sport programs should be starting in the fall, but no one knows how it will look for next year. Colombo weighed in on how the sports season might look for the 2021-22 school year, which will be back to the full semester schedule. “We are planning for a normal September at this time, but it is always dependent on the public health office and their decisions on what’s happening.” As of June 15th, the Government of British Columbia is starting to allow sports again as they announced: “indoor and outdoor games and practices for both adults and youth sports are allowed.”  

With the restrictions around the next sports season not being 100% certain, Riverside Student and hockey player Grady Minor is hopeful that the 2021- 2022 season we be back to normal. “I was really excited to play on the Riverside hockey team last year and was disappointed to find out our season was canceled especially with all the potential we had,” said Grady.  

Since the district is planning for a regular-season next year, Riverside students should get training and Riverside sports fans should get ready for more dominant performances from Riverside sports teams.