This editorial is written by The Eddy’s former editor-in-chief, Justin Smith

Four months ago, my future was bright. I graduated from High School, and was about to embark on the greatest journey of my life: university. I was excited about the opportunities that tomorrow presented me. Then I realized that the United States of America is close to electing Donald Trump as president. By now, your news feeds are saturated with stories about Trump, and you’re probably sick of seeing them. Unfortunately, nobody is addressing why this small handed pumpkin is close to becoming the most powerful man in the world, and it’s obvious to me that nobody wants to take on the institution that created him. So in an effort to raise awareness and save the world from complete destruction, I’ve come out of retirement to make The Eddy great again.

Editorials about Trump follow a very specific formula. The writer will insult Trump, remind the reader about every one of his scandals, and eventually make a plea for rational right-leaning voters to abandon the Republican party for one election. Trump may be completely incompetent, but he’s not an idiot. Every one of his outrageous ideas can be traced back to positions the Republican Party has held for decades.

After the Jim Crow laws were dismantled in the South, racial tensions shot to a new high. Republican strategists saw an opportunity appeal to upset white voters, and devised the “Southern Strategy.” Essentially, the leaders of the party would court certain white voters by appealing to their racist tendencies, all the while (purposefully) alienating people of colour. With higher authorities supporting their beliefs, the racist ideals of some were solidified, and passed down to a younger generation. When Trump calls Mexicans murderers and rapists, he’s simply playing into a successful strategy.

Republicans have traditionally had strong support within the Evangelical Christian community. In order to appeal to these voters, Republicans have created extreme restrictions in regards to accessing abortions. Despite being vocally pro-choice in the 1990’s, Trump has now changed his position to align with the Republican Party. He promised to appoint supreme court judges that would immediately overturn Roe vs. Wade, the court case that legalized abortions.

Finally, the Republicans have viciously opposed The Affordable Care Act (despite the law being created by state level Republicans) and similar social insurance acts. Before entering the presidential race, Trump expressed support for Canadian style healthcare. He’s now promised to repeal The Affordable Care Act on day one, and has called the Canadian system a complete disaster.

Trump may be a racist, bigot and sexist, but he’s also a successful businessman who knows how to manipulate a system to his benefit. He’s played the American people for fools, and has successfully used this election to further cement his name and brand into popular culture. Until the Republican party denounces their dated ideology, candidates such as Trump will continue to rise and torment the lives, and news feeds, of everyone.