Many Riverside students have noticed and come to know the four student teachers from Simon Fraser University that are here at Riverside. A couple of them were here last year as student teachers for their small practicums, and they are here now for their big practicums. They are happy to be connecting with students and learning as much as they can from their assigned placement.

Working in the music department with Mrs. Glenda Ottens is Mr. Ian Cohen. He is grateful to be able to return here, as he was here for a couple weeks last year. Being around the students, connecting with them, and teaching them new things in music has taught him about becoming a great teacher. “I learned a lot by being with the students and Mrs. Ottens and how we interact with each other,” said Cohen.



Teaching English class with Mrs. Adrienne Chapell is Ms. Angela Beckett. She was also here last year in the spring with Mrs. Chapell, and she had a very good experience. She has learned a lot about technology being that Riverside is a digital immersion school, and she feels comfortable helping students and facilitating their learning through technology as well. “After I’m done here, I go through the process of interviews to get hired as a teacher on call with the hope of getting a full-time job, maybe here at Riverside,” said Beckett.

Mlle. Diane Howell is working with French Language Arts teachers, Mr. Kevin Tao and Mme. Kelli Langford. She is excited to be working with them in learning to facilitate the students’ immersion in the French language. “There are plenty of new ideas and games to help the students learn a language in a fun way. M. Tao and Mme. Langford have taught me so much,” said Howell. She has also learned a lot about how to use the technology available at Riverside.


Teaching art with Ms. Jacquelyn Collins is Ms. Phoebe Nezil. “I have had an excellent time connecting with the students… I’ve learned a lot of good tips from Ms. Collins and did many interesting projects with the students,” said Nezil. Connecting with the students and Ms. Collins has taught her how to be a better, effective teacher. She believes that Riverside is a good school and she is very grateful to be here to finish her practicum.


All four teachers are moving on to more course work relating to education. After that, all of them hope to work at Riverside someday. Riverside would be happy to welcome them back.