The Rapids Senior Girls basketball team is full of outstanding players, and for this season, each of them have some goals they hope to accomplish. Samantha Shields, a grade 9 who is on the team, has been playing since she was in grade 3. She said she plays because she likes the sport and it gives her something to do in her spare time. “I feel confident in our team because we all have improved a lot and we are a fit and strong team,” said Shields. This year, she will be playing the point guard and the shooting guard for the senior team. “My goal is to work on improving my dribbling and driving to the hoop as well as being more of a leader, and to help build people’s energy when theirs is low or they are having a bad game,” said Shields.

Jessica Parker, a grade 11 on the team, has been playing since grade 7. She has some long-term goals that she hopes to achieve. “I want to play in post-secondary to help pay for school,” said Parker. Last season, she was unfortunately unable to play on the team due to her transferring of schools, but this season, she is ready to show her best! “I see us definitely making it to the Fraser Valley Championships and I think we have a very good chance of making it to Provincials and potentially winning,” said Parker. “My team goals are that we have fun but work extremely hard, and with the effort and right attitude put into the game, we can win.” Parker knows that everyone wants to win, but that she is sure they can achieve their goals as a team.

“I started playing basketball in grade 2. Back then I played for fun, but eventually it became much more important to me,” said Tessa Burton, another grade 11 student on the team. According to the Burton, this sport has given her many lifelong friends, as well as the opportunity to play in post-secondary. The team’s first game is coming up next week, on November 30. “We have had many practices already with our team, and I can see our potential. I am very excited for our first game to see how much we have improved since last season,” said Burton. This year, the senior team does not have any grade 12’s with them, and are not sure whether that is a potential advantage or disadvantage, but look at the situation as a great learning experience. “I can see our team making it to provincials this year, but I do believe that this is still a building year for us,” said Burton.

It looks like the senior team has got a great season coming up for them. Good luck!