From starting out as a game in their past-time, to potentially pursuing it post-grad, the senior boys reminisce about playing for Riverside’s basketball team, and the last season that’s ahead of them.

Edvin Colakovic, Grade 12

Edvin Colakovic, a member of the Rapids’ basketball team, shared his first memory of when he decided to start playing basketball.
“I first started playing basketball in Grade 8,” said Colakovic. “There was a meeting at lunch so I decided to go there. I was looking for all different kinds of sports because especially during Grade 8, I didn’t know what I wanted to play so I decided to choose basketball. It was something that just stuck with me. It’s been fun honestly, lots of ups-and-downs, wins and losses but I still love playing it to this day.”

Luca Stork, Grade 12

Luca Stork, another member of the team, explained as to why he didn’t choose a different sport to pursue other than basketball.
“I played other sports like soccer and football with friends,” said Stork. “But I played basketball because it’s fun and you get a lot of fitness out of it. But no, I never wanted to actually pursue anything else, it’s a great sport that I really like playing.”

Michael Wilkinson, Grade 12

Michael Wilkinson, the power forward for the basketball team, is hopeful for a future career in the sport.
“A lot of it depends on the upcoming season, you know?” said Wilkinson. “This is a really big season because it’s our last year in the school and you know, if this year goes well, hopefully everything falls into place. We’re a top team in our district so we have a chance to go pretty far, so for that I’m excited. But for sure when the season’s done, I’m going to miss it a lot.”

Wilkinson went to discuss how life will change after high school.
“That’s also sad, I’m going to miss all my friends and a lot of the people in my grad class, we’re going away forever. But, it’s also exciting because it’s a new step in my life, new opportunities and a new journey.”

Riverside’s sr. boys basketball is going into its 21 year; the teams have fought hard for spots in the Fraser Valley championships. The trio of players are following a tradition of finishing their grade 12 playing for the Rapids’ team.