The much anticipated sequel to the Maze Runner is finally here. The first movie to this trilogy was very popular. All though most people who read the book didn’t like that the film writers left out some important points, it was still a very good movie.

If you are one of those people who want the movie to be just like the book, you will be disappointed with this movie. The writers decided to make a number of changes from the book. The main difference from the book that grabbed everyone’s attention is that the movie is very similar to The Walking Dead. In the book there were people called cranks that had a disease called the ‘Flare’. In the movie, the cranks are very similar to the zombies in The Walking Dead. They take up a much bigger part in the movie then they do in the book. If one of the Cranks bites someone, that person will become a Crank.

In the book, the ‘Gladers’ are all told that they are infected with the flare and that the only way to find the cure is to get to the safe haven and that they only have two weeks to get there. In the movie there isn’t as much urgency as there was in the book. There is a lot less talk about phase two which, in the book, is their journey in the Scorch.

One good thing Scorch Trials, is that the character Teresa is in the movie much more. One of the biggest criticisms from the first movie is that Teresa was not in the movie enough and wasn’t developed as a character at all. In the first book, Teresa was one of the main characters along with Thomas. In the book, the two could talk telepathically, but they can’t in the movie.

If you have never read the books then you will most likely really enjoy this movie. Although if you did read the books you will see how much they changed from the books and will probably not like it as much as the book.