Riverside’s volleyball teams have had an astounding season this year so far. Riverside’s volleyball is made of five teams; grade nine girls, junior girls, senior girls, junior boys, and senior boys. All the teams have been playing exceptionally well this season.

Senior girls at their last game

Both junior boys and senior boys won districts this year, and both teams also won the Fraser North Banner. The grade nine girls team finished second at district finals, while the junior girls have been dominating all year and won the Fraser North Championships, allowing them to advance to provincials. Senior girls finished off their last game at Riverside by beating Terry Fox three straight, a great way to end the season. All five volleyball teams made it to finals this year, and four out of five of the teams won the district championships.

Mr. Gee and the Junior girls team

Mr. Jordan Thies said that this season has had its ups and downs for the senior girls, but they all pulled through. “We have had a lot of moving parts, but the girls have done a really great job of pulling it together, and we were playing better volleyball as the season progressed. We didn’t have a huge team in terms of numbers, but everyone was doing an excellent job of fulfilling their roles. Whether they were coming in to sub as a server, setter, or leading points scorer, the girls did a really good job of getting each other’s backs. I believe that every member of the team has to contribute to make our team work,” said Thies.

Congratulations to all the volleyball teams and best of luck to the seniors next year!