The Bright Lights festival at Stanley Park is a popular festive attraction happening every year. However this year a new house was needed and Auto teacher, Mr. Jordan Wycherley initiated the project for students to rebuild it. The house was sent off mid-November with the help of some members of the Port Coquitlam fire department.

The entire Tech department including Industrial Design, Woodworking, CarpenDSC_0075try, and Automotive Power-Tech took part in rebuilding the Bright Night’s house. Students really benefit from this project since it shows what it’s like to take a project out of the classroom and contribute to the community. “They learn skills in regards to working with a purpose rather than just putting something together and taking it apart. This is an actual project that is going together and has to be built properly,” said Wycherley.

The house goes along with the curriculum by having students learn hard skills such as working with wood, framing and construction. The house has to be built right for it to go out into the community and gives students true craftsmanship by having a real project. “It was really DSC_0450cool to contribute in a project where we know it’s helping the community,” said grade 11 student, Maya Blood. Students get something to have pride in when the project goes out the door.

During the holiday season, The Bright Nights festival includes a train that goes around the Stanley Park Train Plaza for people to enjoy three million twinkling lights along with live entertainment and a chance to meet Santa. Tickets can be purchased to ride the train while donations can be given at the entrance to view the displays in the plaza. The festival is open from Thursday, November 26 to Saturday, January 2.

Donations and a portion of ticket sales go to the BC Professional Fire Fighter’s Burn Fund. The fundraiser supports burn survivors all over British Columbia. Over 1,600 children and adults are admitted into Vancouver’s general hospitals for serious burns or trauma from around BC each year. $1.4 million has been raised to conduct the ‘BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn and Wound Healing Research Laboratory.’ The research has helped burn survivors and their families since 1998 from the Burn Fund.