For most students, reading can be an immersive adventure-filled escape from one’s day to day life. From wielding a magic sword, making friends with the fae, to living in a rustic cottage beside the ocean this year’s number one books seem to have it all. So, grab your sword and let’s find out just what today’s teens are reading. To find out exactly what teens are reading the Eddy tracked down our very own assistant librarian Ms. Penney Hook. Everybody seems to have their very own taste with books, but here are some of the most popular by far in 2019.

Taking a spooky jump into October, Riverside’s students seem to enjoy horror the most. Stephen King’s ‘The Institute’ is the most popular in its genre this year. “I really enjoy his writing style and how descriptive it is. You just get submerged into these worlds he creates,” said grade 12 student Georgia Campagne. “The Institute’ is a dramatic story of good vs. evil, in a world where good doesn’t always exist.” This horror/thriller is sure to take your breath away. From getting thrown into the back of a USV and waking up behind a locked door that isn’t your own, its amount of detail poured into the pages is truly captivating.

Riverside’s next most favorite magical genre is fantasy. This genre seems to dominate them all, by truly making the world seem a little more magical. One of this year’s popular choice fantasy books was ‘The House of Salt and Sorrows’ by Erin A Craig. In this retelling of the classic fairy tale The Twelve Dancing Princesses with a haunted twist of murderous ghosts, lovelorn gods, and people who might just not be what they seem is a truly inspiring, chilling, romantic, epic fantasy series that will leave you turning the pages, and afraid to turn off the light. When asked why she enjoys fantasy books, grade 12 student Kennedy Grone said, “I love to read books that have magic, mythical creatures, and things that don’t exist. It also gives me opportunities to explore a totally different world than our own.”

For all the art lovers out there, who would much prefer a paintbrush to a pen, graphic novels might just be for you. Riverside’s last most popular genre is graphic novels, much to assistant librarian Hooks’ surprise. But graphic novels seem to have something for everyone. From comic books, memoirs, to teen life, authors and artists find a way to combine their talents into a masterpiece of art and literature.

Riverside grade 12 student Joel Davis said, “I like comic books because seeing the art and pictures is so much more fun. Instead of envisioning all the action in my head, I can see it right in front of me!” Some recommendations are Marvel Comic’s best selling series this year, ‘The House of X’. Jonathan Hickman, the writer of ‘The Fantastic Four’ and ‘The Avengers,’ creates an immersive action-filled world where superpowers and saving the world are the everyday norm.

So, grab your sword, master your superpowers and get ready to set out on a chilling adventure-filled journey with this year’s most popular teen reads. And don’t forget Riverside, “Books give a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” – unknown.
Happy reading!

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