Ms. Teena Della’s Physics 11 class went on a field trip to Playland on October 12. This field trip gave the students the opportunity to see, in a fun way, how the lessons they were taught in class applies to the real world.

The purpose of the field trip was to show how physics apply to rides, to bring physics to the students’ realm of experience, and to show how physics can be seen playland-2-useeverywhere.

“I like to do field trips for all my classes,” said Della. “But it’s hard sometimes since some of the students don’t want to miss their other classes, so it becomes onerous to try to organize the trips and to find teachers to help.” According to Della, it is important for the students to see science and math in action.

“We haven’t had a lot of lessons, but I can see how the lessons that we have learned can apply in real life,” said Karen Kanemaru, a student in the Physics 11 class. “I think that trips like this are beneficial because we can feel the different forces that we learned in class as we go on the rides.” According to Physics 11 student Adrian Nacionales, the field trip was able to take away some of the stress caused class work, leaving the students feeling more refreshed and focused in class.

playland-3-use-thisDella is currently planning a field trip to Grouse Mountain for the Physics 11 class. “There is a Science of Snow activity that people can do physics calculations based on the slope of the mountain and the speed of acceleration, so I would like to try to do that.” According to Della, if it not possible to book the field trip before January, then she will try to book it for the Physics class in the second semester.