Do you enjoy knitting, watching or preforming slam poetry, costume designing or reading and sharing in a fandom book club? Then hopefully you went to club day! Club day was when all the different clubs set up tables in the front foyer so students could go to find out information about the clubs and sign up. Some of the clubs there were- Environment club, Knitting club, Spoken Word club, Fandom Book club and many more.
A new club this year is the Fandom Book cEnviromental club-use thislub, which started May last year. Ms. Sheri Thomasen, an English teacher, was approached by students Jessica Jaing and Michael Biron to start the Fandom Book club, a place where students are free to rant about their favourite books, TV shows and characters. It is very friendly and relaxed and a great opportunity to make new friends. The Fandom Book club meets Tuesdays at lunch in room 110. New members are always welcome to join.
Thomasen also runs the Spoken Word club, which started January last year. Thomasen said the Spoken Word club was started by a combination of students and teachers. “It (the club) is about slam poetry; the students write their own poems and perform them in groups and get feedback,” said Thomasen. The club isn’t just for students who like to write slam poetry, students can also just go and listen. The club also competes in festivals and is a fun and supportive group. The Spoken Word club meets Wednesday after school in room 110 and is still open to new members.
The newest club this year is the Care and Compassion club, run by Ms. Bonnie Angstadt and Ms. Pamela Becker. This club is all about ways students can make the school a more caring and compassionate place. “In our school we have two goals, a technology goal and a social responsibility goal and our social responsibility goal is around care and compassion and looking for ways to make our school as caring and compassionate of a community as possible as possible,” said Vice Principal Becker. Last year the social responsibility teacher group decided to include students into their discussions to get their ideas on how they can make the school community a more caring and compassionate place. The club meets in room 206 at lunch on Mondays and students are always welcome to join.
Other clubs are also still available to join. The Environment club, run by Ms. Brenda Yorke, meets on Mondays at lunch in room 202, the Knitting club, run by Mrs. Erica McArthur, meets Wednesday at lunch in room 218, the Costume club, run by Ms. Jaquelyn Collins, meets Wednesday after school in room 127 and the Film club, run by Dr. Catalin Ursu, meets Fridays after school in room 211. Come on R’side- get involved!