This holiday season, the Riverside Rapids are spreading the holiday spirit all around the Tri-Cities by making generous Christmas contributions in light of the season!

This year at Riverside, the students and staff are all making commendable efforts to light up the holidays for others. The Rapids have all collectively achieved this by: making festive cards for families and Canadian soldiers, spreading spirit throughout the school with Christmas decorations, sending candy grams, making gingerbread men, and last but not least – carrying through with their beloved Christmas traditions!

An enormous part of Riversides Christmas spirit originates from two iconic traditions.

One of which being the Christmas food hampers where every year, each advisory class donates goods to families in need then delivers them face to face, making memorable sentimental connections.

The second tradition being the annual Winter Market, an event in which students all sell special winter themed goods and treats to all of the Port Coquitlam.

For those who have yet to contribute or join in on the spirit, don’t fret! There are plenty of opportunities to join in, “things like donating (virtually anything – food, clothes, money, and so on), creating cards, volunteering at seasonal events or services, or even just attending them are all great ways to spread love throughout the holiday season!” said Ella Aspinall, a student at Riverside Secondary.

So, there truly are no excuses! Put on your Santa hats, get out there and spread some holiday cheer!

This all goes to show how Riverside is truly, an ever-evolving community not only for learning but for giving back – according to Aliya Dif, a leadership student at Riverside. The positivity that radiates from the schools’ name and the genuine connections among the Rapids are the key cultural staples at Riverside throughout the Christmas season and the all-round school year.