Guest contributor Candace Chau wrote this article: Riverside’s BC Children’s Hospital Club has reached new heights as the “Balding for Dollars” campaign surpassed the collective goal of $4000, raising a total of $11,300 within the two-week span.
Our journey began before the Christmas of 2016 when Ms. Pahlevanlu, Bonnie the youth worker, and BC Children’s Hospital Club teacher sponsor Mr. Chan, expressed their ideas of a campaign where teachers would shave their hair as a way to raise awareness for the Hospital. After thorough discussions with the club members, BC Children’s Hospital Club gathered teachers’ who were enthusiastic to take part in the fundraiser to which they would have their heads shaved if the following goal was reached: a taunting $4000, a number that the BC Children’s Hospital Club thought ambitious and far from grasp. Little did Riverside Secondary know, with the combined efforts of the students and teachers, $4000 was just the beginning.

As the days grew closer to the week of the fundraiser, the members of the BC Children’s Hospital Club pulled together to spread the word about “Balding for Dollars”. During the first week of the online platform on the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation Superhero Page, Riverside Secondary raised a total of $4000. Looking back at the events for the week of “Balding for Dollars”, BC Children’s Hospital Club held a Blend Bubble Tea and Krispy Kreme sale, sold raffle tickets where students were given the chance to shave a teacher’s head, and collected donations in each classroom.
The week ended with a monumental milestone for Riverside’s BC Children’s Hospital Club, an event that brought Riverside Secondary students and staff together once more.