On November 18, Riverside’s Annual Winter Market was held at the school from ten o’clock in the morning until five o’clock in the afternoon. There were many stalls, with many different items to purchase, and many people filling the gym and cafeteria to get a start on Christmas shopping.

Scarves, gloves, and tuques were among the merchandise. There were also Christmas gift baskets that make simple and easy presents to give out. There were also things that weren’t themed around Christmas or winter, such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, stuffed animals, candles, body lotions, and scented soaps. In the cafeteria, more jewelry made with different coloured gem stones were being sold. Chips, cookies, and drinks could also be purchased at a stall in the cafeteria so that people could enjoy a coffee or a hot chocolate as they shopped. Choir students stood on the stage, alternating between different four to five people ensembles, and sang Christmas carols. There was also the option to sign up for a raffle to win one of the prizes available, such as gift baskets and homemade desserts.

 At the North entrance to the school choir students stood outside as well and sang to greet people as they walked in. The gym and cafeteria were both filled with people buying the merchandise. Elbow room was sometimes limited as many people crowded the stalls, but the stall managers were very grateful for the huge turn-out.

 The goal of the Winter Market was to raise money for the 2018 graduation class. A separate stall was selling Purdy’s chocolate order forms to raise money, too, for a band and choir field trip in the spring.

 A small entry fee of two dollars was required to enter, but it is well worth it. It was a lot fun and many people in the community look forward to next year’s Winter Market.