The cross country season has started up again, which calls for athletes to prepare and train for another great year! Athletes are required to work hard and to strengthen their endurance by persevering and pushing all the way through the finish line. This year, Riverside’s 2015 team has demonstrated the initiative and drive to start the season off right with awesome results!
The team, which is coached by Ms. Tate and Ms. Keating, practises twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays after school, with a meet every Wednesday, usually held at Mundy Park. At the meets, there are two divisions: juniors and seniors. The junior boys and girls run first followed by the seniors. The distance to run varies depending on the division and gender. All juniors run 3.7 kilometers, while senior girls run 4.7 kilometers and the senior boys run 5.7 kilometers. Coach Tate, who has been running cross country for twenty years said, “I enjoy coaching cross country because running to me is the simplest athletic ability, and it’s just one foot in front of another as well as it gets you outdoors and enjoying nature. The kids are also really positive and great to coach!”cross country All of the cross country athletes on our team have been working hard and putting in their best efforts. The team has been doing awesome so far, placing in the top six at every meet. Athletes must be prepared and motivated to run rain or shine. Grade 11, Olivia Willet who has been running cross country for five years said, “The best way to prepare before a race is making sure you are properly stretched and warmed up. It’s also important to make sure you’re having fun; don’t worry about where you place, it’s all about enjoying yourself”.
Grade 12, Anna Wilson said, “I really enjoy the competitiveness of cross country and the fact that we can stay healthy and fit, as well as it’s a super fun environment to be in!”
All in all, the team is succeeding and keeping up great results.