This year, the annual Riverside Night Market took place on November 29. From long awaited custard puddings to competitive world class Latin dancing, market goers have Ms. Catherine Yamamoto and the Multicultural Leadership class to thank for the festivities. “Great fun was had by all, and I want to give a huge thank you to the many helping hands who made this event the most memorable Night Market ever,” said Yamamoto.

Homemade eggtarts were a best seller.
Jamieson & Brown duke it out for charity.

The hard work put into the event was evident as soon as one walked through the entrance. Students dedicated time to rehearse for their performances, and make posters for all the international foods, such as Korean tteokbokki, custard flans, fried rice, handmade perogies, cherry blossom jelly, Japanese oden and takoyaki.

The decoration committee spent hours creating snowflake decorations, and the space was lit up by borrowed lanterns made by Ms. Jacquelyn Collins’ art class. The acts ranged from singing and dancing to sparring. A pair of Latin youth national champions dancers, including a student in Yamamoto’s Japanese class, amazed the crowd with his cousin, which made for an exciting finale. A match of mixed martial arts by Mr. Kenny Jamieson and Mr. Jeremy Brown earned many spectators as well. Both participants demonstrated they were well versed in the sport as they threw strong, calculated punches, but Brown came out on top as he blitzed Jamieson with a round of hits that led to a definite win. All proceeds from the “Who Will Win the Bout” contest went to charity.

The floor manager, grade 11 student Jaya Kailley, also had some words to say about the night. “It was a pleasure to be a part of making this night happen. I really liked how there was such a wide variety of food and activities to enjoy!