The Riverside music department has welcomed a new music teacher, Ms. Laine Spicer. Spicer is temporarily in place of Ms. Glenda Ottens, who has lead the Riverside music department with dedication and passion since 2013.

Ottens is known as a master at teaching music as well as a wonderful therapist and mom for those who have received her support. She was the driving force behind Riversides 2018 Resilience dayshe provided significant compassion and inspiration for students of the Riverside music department, and community, by organizing mindfulness speakers and activists. 

Ottens contributions to the culture of the school are significant. In 2015, Ottens and Ms. Nicole Roberge took 45 kids to New York and worked closely together to build performing arts opportunities at Riverside for all students. 

Spicer teaching her music students.

 Spicer will also be a great contribution to the school. She has extensive personal experience with music as she started playing music when she was in elementary school and continued all the way throughout high school and University.

“I went on to UBC where I studied my major instrument, the trumpetand I also went through vocal training,” said Spicer. 

After her university experience, Spicer went on to be involved in multiple different bands. She received extensive training in military marching bands and was at one point the coordinator of all the Army Air and Sea Cadet band programs in the Lower Mainland. 

Since Spicer’s arrival at Riverside, she has been working on fulfilling her goal for the music program.  

“In the future, would like to continue to expand the number of students involved in the music program, and hope to push students musically,” said Spicer. 

Currently she is focused on expanding the jazz band, small vocal jazz group, and the guitar block. 

Before her arrival at Riverside, Spicer had previously worked with high school students in a music program. 

 “I used to work in Vancouver for over 10 years and I taught at Tempelton Secondary School; it was a wonderful school with a fabulous music program. I hope to bring what I learned from that experience to Riverside,” said Spicer. 

Riverside Secondary is excited to welcome Ms. Spicer to the music program and is looking forward to what she has in store.