Riverside Secondary Film and Photography students participated in a Film Festival field trip, which took place on September 26, 2019. The field trip was organized by Riverside film teacher Mr. Mike Schoenhals, and students were presented with awards for the showcased films that they created.

According to Grade 11 film student, Maria Greig, the purpose of the trip was for students to experience presenting their films to audiences. Students who received awards for their creations are Evan Turner, Theo Turner, Rose Farkhondeh, and Olivia Harvey, all of whom are grade 12 film students representing Riverside Secondary.

Evan Turner, who received an award said, “My experience during the field trip was great; it makes you feel more legit to see your films being shown on a big screen in front of other people where you can receive input and grow as a filmmaker.”

The students representing Riverside Secondary received awards for Best Horror, Best Experimental, Best Cinematography, and Best Production Design. Turner received his award of best horror for his film, “Heading South.”

“This experience is a good first step for people who want to get into making movies; it is not too intimidating to students who begin feeling scared to release their content,” stated Turner.

The Judges of the films are teachers in the district; there are normally around three judges. A scoring system is used that narrows down two films per category, then a discussion takes place where one film is selected for ” best” in that category.

Congratulations to all Riverside film students who received awards!