Riversides math and science teacher, Mrs. Teena Della, brought her Earth Science 11 class to Pinetree Secondary on October 18 to experience an earthquake simulator that shakes at a magnitude of 8.0, showing students how earthquakes feel and teaching them how to be prepared for the future “Big One.”

Students learning how to administer CPR.

The point of the event was to inform and to help people be safe. “Riding in the simulator was very cool; it gave us an idea of what a real earthquake would be like,” said Della. She commented that the trip fits with the curriculum of the Earth Science course as the students will complete a unit on Earthquake preparedness. “Even though it was a school based trip it was a fun experience,” said Della. Along with experiencing the simulator, students learned about what to do after an earthquake, such as CPR training and being self-sufficient for at least 72 hours.

BC is on the Pacific Rim, and the science exists warning the lower mainland is going to experience “The Big One.” It’s only when it will occur that is uncertain. Despite warnings, many people will not be prepared. But Riverside Earth Science 11 students will be.