In 2017, as the New Year celebrations have passed, many people start to make their resolutions. Some say they will lose weight, others say they will be more independent, but for ninth grader Ashiana Sunderji, it was to start a blog.

Sunderji started her blog to tell her story and to help others. “I wanted to share my personal experiences,” said Sunderji. “I also wanted to help others create their own experiences. I want them to know that anything I can do, they can do too.”

She says that the purpose of her blog is to write and inspire. She wants to share her experiences so others can learn from them or possibly try the experiences out for themselves. “Definitely check out my blog if you’re looking to be inspired,” said Sunderji.

There will be two categories on her blog: Living Life and Personal Growth. Sunderji only started posting last month, so to date she has only posted in Living Life. She says she will upload once every one or two weeks. She has more and more readers everyday as she strives to get more people to read her blog.

In Living Life, Sunderji wrote about some of her personal experiences. For example, she wrote about her trip to San Francisco. There, she saw a San Francisco Giants baseball game at AT&T Park, biked over the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, and even went on a cruise to Alcatraz Island, home to the infamous island prison.

One of her readers is her friend Olivia Harvey. “I like Ashiana’s blog,” said Harvey. “I think that it’s a really cool idea that she wants to share her experiences with others for them to gain inspiration and to learn from her past experiences and ideas.”

Check out her blog Ashiana’s Home.