Riverside student-athletes have been drained of sports in 2020 due to the COVID – 19 pandemic. Soccer, volleyball, and basketball are just a few of the numerous other sports seasons have that have been cancelled at Riverside Secondary and at schools all around the province.

When asked how he felt about how the basketball season being cancelled, coach and teacher at the school Brian Barazzuol said, “It’s upsetting, basketball for students whether its basketball, soccer, golf, the school’s volleyball team, sports is a way for students to connect to the building and socially connect with others and it’s a great way for me as a teacher to form those connections with students as well”

When student-athlete at Riverside Hamza Zuberi was asked how COVID – 19 has impacted his sport inside and outside of school he stated, “You know, it’s hard. You can’t really train the way you used to; you have to find different ways around it” all sports have been really affected by the pandemic and many student-athletes are disappointed with the news that there won’t be any sports this year at the school.

School sports have been a great way of showing school spirit and athletic ability at Riverside since the beginning and this year looks a little bit different, student-athletes aren’t able to show what they can do on the field or the court this year.

When asked about the risk of COVID – 19 and if he felt safe to coach or manage a sports team right now, teacher Clarence Chee said, “Definitely not; because I think there is too much of a risk even with safety precautions in place and it’s just not worth it.”

School sports don’t look like they will return to Riverside until at least the new school year when staff gets the go-ahead from the provincial health team.

Sad news to an already unfortunate year.