SoundCloud is an app that gives people around the world a chance to get their music heard by others. It is a great platform to promote and share different people’s music. Many artists that are worth billions of dollars today have started on this app, which is amazing to think about. Some of the artists that have become famous because of SoundCloud are Lil Uzi, Juice WRLDTravis ScottXXX Tentacion, and many more hip-hop artists that every teenager listens to today. There are many platforms to promote your music. Instagram and Snapchat are the two main platforms that people will most likely look at when ready to upload your music; other people can promote it as well by republishing or reposting your work.

“My Plan” is the latest song that Nery has released on SoundCloud.

There are also local artists in the Vancouver area who are putting Vancouver on the map through SoundCloud, such as Suuf HefnerNes goneglobalLil Ceds and YungmartoAce Nery, a grade 11 student from Riverside Secondary, goes by the name of “Lil Ceds.” “I really enjoyed singing R&B type of stuff all my life because that’s my type of music that I enjoy listening to, but I loved JB and I was a big fan of him like a little “fangirl”, and he was one of my inspirations.” said Nery.  

 Nery, or “Lil Ceds”, has grown by using SoundCloud and releasing new music for people to discover his music and his work. He works hard to pursue his dream of being a big artist and for people to acknowledge the work he puts into these songs. In total he has 14 songs out on SoundCloud, but he does have one song on Apple Music called, “Say Word.” “The most plays I got on SoundCloud was “Shbaddie” which reached over 5,000 plays.”


“I always go to my homie Quince’s basement to record. He is my producer, and he makes all my beats for my songs, which makes my work enjoyable to listen to,” said Nery. Quinn Wakley a grade 11 student, who also goes to Riverside Secondary, has always had an interest in making beats. Quinn has produced songs for many other artists and is known to be excellent at what he does best. Quinn has a studio set up in his basement where everyone goes to record. He has all the equipment he needs in his studio to make everything sound great. 

Nery has always loved singing and he has a passion to continue doing what he loves. “There are many local artists that people are sleeping on and I feel that they should be more recognized. Like I said, the app is a great way to get a chance for people to hear other people’s work,” said Nery.