With Christmas approaching, many festivities are celebrated in the Riverside Community. On Tuesday, December 11, Riverside counsellor, Ms. Bindy Johal, hosted her third annual Riverside Secondary School’s Children’s Christmas party. The outcome was a success, with Riverside staff members bringing their children – over 40 kids attended! Christmas themed arts and crafts were set up at different tables and the children had tons of fun at each one. The Riverside leadership team were the big buddies and helped the kids make what they wanted to!

Johal commented on how beneficial the Christmas party is. “It is really nice for the kids to see where their parents work, especially since some of them could attend Riverside in the future. It’s fun for the staff to have some family time with their kids at such a busy time of the year,” said Johal. She also spoke about how the older kids can connect with the younger children. “The older kids are more like big buddies and they are always helping the younger kids with whatever activities they are doing.”

The turnout was a success, with many children, their parents and grandparents getting into the Christmas spirit!