Organizing Spirit week activities is a difficult job during the best of times, but since COVID has prohibited spirit assemblies, Riverside Secondary’s leadership class has decided to include a number of interesting activities. So, Spirit Week, from December 6-10, is going to look slightly different this year.

At Riverside, spirit week is considered an important event, with exceedingly high participation rates according to Riverside’s leadership teacher, Adrienne Chapell. “In terms of moral, [leadership students] put this spirit week at about 80%, and then they put the spring spirit week at 90%, still quite high for morale, but increasing through the year,” said Chapell. She said she thinks “it just helps when people see others kind of engaging in our activities within the school…and they’re nice, easy ways to get involved.”

There will be some new events happening during this week. For example, a group of leadership students have decided to host a winter Photobooth in Riverside’s foyer on December 7 and 8, in hopes of bringing students closer together. “I think it’s really going to be popular in trying to get friend groups together, and maybe two people of different grades who may not have a chance to see each other in their everyday classes together,” said Jalene Niguma, a grade 12 student involved running this event. According to Niguma, Mr. Brown, a Riverside science teacher is dressing up as Santa for this event. “I feel like a lot of students would be more inclined to come if they have a teacher there to take pictures with as Santa,” said Niguma.

Riverside’s leadership class has decided to omit PJ Day this year because, “they just felt it was one that we do really often and so they wanted something different,” said Chapell. “They just felt like people wear PJ’s already when they feel like it.” Instead, they have replaced PJ Day with Formal day because according to Chapell, people are missing out on the formal events they would normally have due to COVID. In addition, during this day, “there will be a red carpet, we’re going to roll out in the front” Chapell said.

Students are rather excited about this year’s Spirit Week at Riverside. “Most of the themes are not like the ones we usually have, and I like how they are different,” said Anna Lukanov, a grade 11 Riverside student.

“I will definitely be dressing up this year” said Lukanov.

Show some Rapid pride and get out there and enjoy the spirit activities!!!