Riverside’s 2020-2021 yearbook is going to look different than it has in previous years, but despite the changes Covid forced, it doesn’t mean the yearbook won’t capture the same energy and spirit that is Riverside.

This year with Covid, many have been wondering about what the yearbook will look like. Due to the lack of school events it is difficult to add to the pages of the yearbook, but with help from teachers and staff it will be possible to make the best yearbook for 2020-2021.

Riverside Media teacher, Mike Schoenhals, commented that with new regulations photographers are unable to go in classes to take photos. Because of this, outdoor events work best but for in-class events students and teachers are relied on to take photos for the yearbook.

Yearbook has managed to capture a few events already, and also has plans for future page spreads.

“We have included spreads on our first day with all the changes; we did manage to do some special events like Halloween and Remembrance Day,” said Schoenhals. “We have some planned spreads for the Hockey Academy, Cross Country, and even some special articles on Basketball and Law Class.”

This year’s yearbook will also be featuring content other than events, and will be expanding the Grad section for grade 12 students; there will also be more coverage of in class curriculum projects that have a unique visual component.

“We’ve expanded the Grad Section this year to include a selfie of each grad along with their writeup, grad photo and baby photo; we are also planning a spread on all Grad Athletes in their uniform with captions on the sports they play,” said Schoenhals, “We are also boosting coverage of cool in class events such as the Law Class running their in class court case.”

Though this year is different from others, the yearbook will remain the same. The theme for the yearbook pulls everything together, helping students see some things from the 2020-2021 school year in a good light.

“Our theme is ‘Apart but Connected.’ Although social distancing and the mask keep us apart, we’re trying to show that there still are connections being made in the school, lots of them,” said Cam Drysdale, Art and Photography teacher at Riverside Secondary.