Rugby season does not start until January, but on a warm, sunny day on October 6, Riverside’s boys’ rugby team and former Alumni players came together for a worthy cause.

The cause was to raise awareness and money for KidSport, an organization that helps kids and families, who may not be able to financially afford the cost, join a team and buy the equipment.

Volunteers selling snacks at the Alumni game. All proceeds went to KidSport.

The event was laid out with the teams being made up of players from the current Riverside rugby team against the former players – the alumni. Regularly, the season does not start until January, so it was hosted earlier to accommodate the organization for his Capstone Project. Grade 12 student and Riverside rugby player, Joshua Granville, the current team captain of the boys’ team at Riverside, worked hard with his CLC teacher, Claudia Durand to organize the game for his Capstone.

A capstone is a graduation requirement that requires one to pursue some sort of passion project that students work on throughout the year with the help of mentors, and since Rugby has always been Granville’s passion and a sport he holds in high regard, organizing the Alumni game for his project was a perfect fit.

Coordinating an event like the Alumni match is not an easy task, and there were some problems with coordinating everything. One reason is because it is not rugby season yet. “We had to take into consideration liabilities and make everyone sign a form so that they could play. Other than little hiccups along the way, there were major issues,” said Granville.

When asked about the match itself, Granville stated that being able to connect and grow together as a team and really bond with each other, including the former players, is a payoff greater than winning.

When Automotive Teacher at Riverside Secondary School, Abraham Kang, and coach of the rugby team was asked about Granville’s capstone idea, Kang was supportive and saw its potential for a great Capstone.

“It was a very successful Capstone because it involved in many aspects: community involvement, the school culture, and raising money for charity. It also brought together various characteristics of what rugby is about, supporting each other, taking initiative, and in general, it was for a good cause.”

The official rugby season will start soon, and the team hopes to see some new recruits. So, when it takes off, come down to try a new sport that may strike your interest and help build community at Riverside Secondary.

Overall, the event was a tremendous success and was an all-around achievement for all parties, Granville was able to put his capstone into action, funds were raised towards KidSport, and everyone had a fun time, including participants and spectators.