Many students at Riverside have had the privilege of being able to have a peer tutor in their classes, someone to be an extra helper in a class when the subject can get confusing. They can provide support to students when needed, and help out teachers around the classroom.

This year, peer tutoring is being run by Mr. Shane Ford in semester one, and Mr. Kevin Tao in semester two. Peer tutors are grade 11 and 12 students, and “Peer tutoring 11” is available for anyone to become a peer tutor. A peer tutors job is mainly to walk around the classroom and answer any questions students may have, but they can also provide one on one support to many students, so they can get an extra helping hand when needed. After school for about 45 minutes, students can have a tutoring session with a peer tutor, and they have concepts explained to them, and have questions answered.

Ryann McCready, is a grade 11 peer tutor, tutoring math 10. “I think peer tutoring can really affect students in a positive manner, because I think they feel a lot less anxious to ask a fellow student questions than they would an adult. I also think it’s really cool that we have this opportunity here at Riverside, as it benefits students being tutors, students who are tutoring, and teachers,” said McCready.

Peer tutors are typically put into math and science classes, as that’s where most students need help, but they can also be put into English or EAL classes. Peer tutors can have a lot of good effects on students, as it helps students who typically are too shy to ask questions build a bond with another student and lets them feel confident in asking questions in the future. Many students have said that having a peer tutor in their class has really boosted their confidence and helped them succeed in the class.

Peer tutors are great for students who have anxiety when it comes to school and asking questions, and they prove to be a good support system for Riverside students, and even teachers.

If you are looking for a peer tutor, you can email Mr. Ford at

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