Riverside Secondary P.E classes hit the ice at the annual community skating trip that the physical education department organizes. The skating event was held at the local Port Coquitlam ice rink.

The students got a chance to experience a fun outing where they got to skate around the rink for some physical activity instead of staying in the Riverside gym.

Students really enjoyed the freedom of the mini field-trip. “I really like how we had the chance to play hockey,” said Paige Paulson, a grade nine student at Riverside, “I think that it’s important to go on little trips like this because if we don’t go with the school, we might not go ourselves or get the experience to try new things.”

“I think the ice skating trip was a really good experience; it’s a change of pace for a lot of kids. It’s good to get out of the school to learn new things, especially in different environments other than the gym,” said Carlo Muro, a physical education teacher, “Also, some of the international students have never even seen ice before so I think the trip was a new experience for a lot of kids”

“This activity kind of brings us closer together since we’re all doing the same thing in the same place at the same time. It’s a chance for us to bond with other people and a chance to get used to getting comfortable with being independent,” said grade nine student, Kalen Zhou.

A lot of students enjoyed the experience since it was a way to get exercise while still having fun with their friends.


Photo courtesy of http://ymcarockies.org/activities/ice-skating/