On November 6, Riverside’s grade nines went to work for Take Your Kid To Work Day. They had the opportunity to go with their parents, aunts, uncles, guardians, family friends, and join them at work for a day. Take Your Kid To Work Day is a day where students are given an insight into the “real world” and see what life might be like outside school after graduation.

Sophia Dato went to the Western Bayshore Hotel in Vancouver where her mother works. While she was there, she worked with multiple hotel staff, helped out at the front desk by answering phone calls, helped the bellhop, and worked in the kitchen. Working in the hotel business is something Dato would be interested in for her future, but her passion is theatre and being on Broadway is her dream. Dato is planning on going to college and meeting with a professional agent to become a live theatre actress.

Brendan Housden went to EA Sports with his dad for Take Your Kid To Work Day. He watched a presentation on Frostbyte, which is a software for developing video games. Being in the video game company isn’t something Housden wants to do in his future. His dream is to be in the NHL playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins. Housden plans to work harder everyday and work towards being the best player on the team and then hopefully get scouted and drafted in the NHL.

Karla Flamenco went to a bakery that her mother works at and helped out there for the day, baking cookies, pies and donuts. Working in a bakery is something that Flamenco would be interested in for her second choice of a career, her first choice is to be a nurse. Flamenco is going to start by volunteering and getting experience around Poco and the Lower Mainland then getting into the medical field after graduation.

Elika Razmjou joined her mom at the Port Coquitlam Waste Management. Razmjou helped sort stabs and observed the software used to determine the truck driver’s pay. Razmjou wouldn’t mind doing the same thing that her mother does, but her passion is photography and taking classes throughout high school will help her increase her skills to become professional once she graduates.

Riverside and many other schools participate in Take Your Kid To Work Day as a day for students to get a look at what life may be like after they graduate. It’s a day that gives students an insight to what they want to be when they get older and what they don’t want to be.