Riverside Secondary has many clubs for students to participate in for everyone who is interested in joining a club. If you are looking to meet people, have some fun and be a part of the school culture, clubs would be a good start to some fun, friendly bonding!

Riverside’s Prayer Group:  Ms. Sharon Lotter and Ms. Lori Leonard
The club is a friendly group of students who meet regularly to support and pray for each other and our school. We also love to hang out, chat and eat good food. Anyone is welcome to come out and learn more about the Christian faith. The group meets Thursdays at lunch in Room 209.


Outdoor Club: Mr. Jamal Ahmelich
The outdoor club aims to do a once a month trip that involve’s hiking, skiing, snowshoeing or camping.  Join to learn some new skills, meet new people and get outside! The club meets on the first and second Thursday of each month at lunch in Room 202.



Science Fair Club: Ms. Claudia Durand and Mr. Jamie Campbell 

Do you love Science?  Are you interested in meeting others who also love Science in BC?  Are you interested in being involved in a Science Fair Project and maybe competing in the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair at UBC?  Then the Science Fair Club is the right place for you! The club meets Tuesdays after school in Room 109.


Dungeons and Dragons Club: Mr. Carey Brett

Whether you are a fledgling explorer looking for your first bit of treasure or a seasoned adventurer of countless campaigns, join to hang out with other Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts! All levels of experience are welcome! The club meets Wednesdays and Thursdays at lunch in Room 126.


   SD43 Mountain Biking Club:  Ms. Erin Tate        

“We shred.  We ride trails, we get muddy, sometimes we crash”. Riverside’s mountain biking club aim is to improve skills and get hearts pumping! The club welcomes a wide variety of levels, but some prior experience with mountain biking is recommended.  We are a district team so we ride with students from all the high schools in SD43. The club meets Wednesdays from 4pm-5:30 pm starting after spring break at the yellow gate at Burke Mountain.


LGBTQ Club: Mrs. Sherri Thomasen

The group supports LGBTQ students and discusses various issues. The club is a great place to establish new friendships. The club meets rotating Tuesdays and Wednesdays after school in Room 110.



   The Flying Club: Ms. Tina Della

We focus on flying in many ways: actually flying in a plane, field trips to flying related venues, guest speakers visit us, launching rockets, watching movies, and lots of other fun activities! The club meets Tuesdays at lunch in room 215.


BC Children’s Hospital Club: Ms. Linda Kim

The club’s aim is to fund-raise money for the BC Children’s Hospital. The club meets Wednesdays at lunch in Room 120.



Care and Compassion Club: Mrs. Leanne Butteau

The Care and Compassion club supports initiatives around random acts of kindness and has been part of the Riverside culture for a few years. The club meets Mondays at lunch in Room 206.


Fishing Club –  Mr. Oliver Mietzker

This club is open to anyone interested in learning or participating in fishing. If you don’t know how to fish you can still participate by getting bait or learning how to hook it.  Anyone can come at any time. The club is being held in room 101. Let Mr. Mietzker know if you are interested.


3D Print Club – Mr. Oliver Mietzker

This club is open to anyone who wants to learn how to make objects using a 3D printer, whether it’s for a school project or for personal use. Anyone can come at any time and make anything they would like as long as it is approved. The club is being held in room 101. If interested please let Mr. Mietzker know.


Math Club: Ms. Trisha Hubbard

In the club, Grade 9’s will prepare for the  Lower Mainland Math Challengers competition held at SFU,  grade 10-12’s will prepare for the Cayley, Fermat & Euclid contests. The club meets in room 216. Dates for contests are yet to be announced.


Environment Club:  Ms. Jackie Collins

The club is hoping to bring positive changes to environmental practices at Riverside.  The club founded and maintains the COMPOST program, and is now looking to further improve Riverside’s ecological footprint. The club meets every Thursday at lunch in Room 106≥



Student Leadership Council: Mrs. Leanne Butteau

The SLC is an official partner group of SD43 that serves as the pathway for the students and the district. This year, meetings will be held at Winslow Centre to discuss mental health and wellness and how to incorporate more initiatives related to these topics into education. This is an organization fully supported by the Board of Trustees in SD43. The club meets at Winslow Centre on October 5 and November 23 from 6 pm – 7:30 pm, February 27 from 2 – 5 and June 5 from 1 – 3 pm.

Journalism Club: Ms. Kathy Shong

Are you interested in writing and contributing to our school newspaper, The Eddy, but couldn’t take the course? The journalism club is your opportunity to write something that you have a passion about and get it published! The club meets in room 223 Wednesdays at lunch.


Chess Club – Ms. Catherine Yamamoto

This club is open to anyone interested in playing chess and meeting new people interested in the game of chess. This is a great opportunity to make friends and have fun with other people. The club meets Thursdays at lunch in room 214.