Riverside Secondary started up a new club this school year that focuses on different ways students can help their community. 

The club, labeled GIVE4GOOD, came about when Mrs. Claudia Durand, a teacher at Riverside, wanted to start something to help the local community. Durand met with students Brianna Brill, Dzenan Jauzovic, Charlotte Gibson and Kiera Van Veen to help brainstorm what GIVE4GOOD would look like.

GIVE4GOOD students plan on helping the homeless by making food and survival packages and by getting involved in Project Hello, https://beyondhello.org/, where elementary students create cards for the homeless so that they can write messages to loved ones. Durand says the GIVE4GOOD students will be using social media to reunite the homeless to their families.

Food backpacks will also be made for children. “We wanted to continue to weave in the importance of healthy nutrition for the children in our community who can’t afford proper meals. We will be preparing backpacks for those children along with gift cards for healthy food meal options,” said Durand.

The students came up with various other ideas, like to collect materials to fabricate quilts for the homeless, and to help out at Kid-Sport events. “Every child deserves the opportunity to play sports even if they can’t afford it,” added Durand.

Durand believes that there are many reasons why one should give back and be philanthropic. “Helping others in need in our community also strengthens our community and brings people together to a cause that is bigger than ourselves.  Helping others also fosters a strong sense of personal fulfillment and can also make you feel better knowing you are helping others and making a difference.”

Although the club has commenced, students interested can visit Durand in room 111 to acquire more information on how they can join and to decide how they would like to contribute to the community.