Riverside’s annual club day took place Thursday, September 19, bringing together the student population to showcase the school’s clubs. Each year the school introduces new clubs for students to join, while also showing off the classic groups that students have known of and participated in for years. This event allows the grade nines and new students to be exposed to all that Riverside offers, encouraging kids to be involved with their school.

Here are our Riverside clubs, contact the teacher sponsors to join!

One Blood for Life Club: Canadian Blood Services

Teacher sponsor: Ms. Yorke    Room: 205         No regular meetings

A club all about blood and stem cell donations. The club will run stem cell and blood donor drives at Riverside Secondary and have opportunities to volunteer with the Canadian blood service outside of school hours.

SD43 Mountain Biking Team

Teacher sponsor: Ms. Tate     Room: 114       Time: First Wednesday after spring break until provincials at the end of May.  Meetings happen on Tuesday’s at lunch, listen for announcements after Christmas, or drop by anytime for more info.

We are a district team (all of the other high schools participate as well).  We ride Wednesdays at 4-5:30pm at Burke Mountain.  We have a couple informal races locally, last season at Thornhill in Maple Ridge, and Burke Mountain.  If you love to ride, join us!  Provincials is a fun opportunity to ride some new trails, this next season will be on Vancouver Island!

Improv Troupe

Teacher sponsor: Ms. “Coco” Roberge   Room: Drama Room (Room 131)   Time: Fridays 3:15pm-4:15pm

Seeking open and energized performers who can think fast and play well with others.

Dance Team

Teacher sponsor: Ms. “Coco” Roberge   Room: Drama Room (Room 131)  Time: T.B.A.

We love to dance! This group is for fun, exercise and performance opportunities.

Care and Compassion Club

Teacher sponsor: Ms. Brochu and Ms. Luddu   Room: 226   Time: Monday’s at lunch

Random acts of kindness club that helps enhance the school climate and culture. For example, we give out candy canes at Christmas and free hot chocolate for the school in the winter.

LGBTQ+ club

Teacher sponsor: Ms. Thomasen,  Mr. Gangnes        Room: 110       Time: Thursday after school

Come hang out with LGBTQ+ identifying people and their allies. Fun, social atmosphere with great snacks.

Me to We/Global Citizenship

Teacher sponsor: Ms. Thomasen  Room: 110   Time: Lunch on Tuesdays

A club that supports developing countries through fundraisers and events and explores global citizenship.

Debate Club

Teacher sponsor: Mr. Purdy   Room: 112   Time: Lunch time

A lunch time club aimed towards teaching debate and having fun mini-competitions.

RSS D&D Club

Teacher Sponsors: Mr. Brett/Mr. Schoenhals   Room: 126    Time: Lunch on Tuesdays/Thursday

We are a fun, supportive and creative environment where you can delve into an adventure like no other! From beginning players to seasoned veterans, everyone is welcome at RSS D&D!

Riverside Christian Community

Teacher sponsor: Mrs. Lotter / Joel Thirsk (student leader) Room: 209 Time: Thursdays @ lunch

Connecting students to their peer community of faith.

Fishing club

Sponsor:  Mr. Mietzker           Room: 101       Time: Mondays @ lunch,

Do you like fishing come see us we can help you get more fishing in.

3D print club

Sponsor – Mr. Mietzker

Rm 101

Time: Tuesday lunches

Do you like designing or creating things in 3D? Come check us out!

Games Club & eSports Team

Teacher sponsor: Mr. Schoenhals  Room: 112  Time: Lunch, Fridays

Chance to play video games with your friends at lunch on Steam, Switch and more! Players interested in a more competitive gaming environment may try out for the school eSport Team and compete at the district level.

Multicultural Club

Teacher sponsor: Ms. Joon/Fiona Gachallan Room: 214  Time: Thursday’s at lunch

Objective is to connect students through culturally diverse events and activities.

Move 4 Mana

Teacher sponsor: Mrs. Durand, Mr. Brett and Mr. Schoenhals  Room: 111  Time: Mondays @ lunch

Move 4 Mana is an initiative dedicated to helping children suffering from acute malnutrition in Africa. Students at Riverside will be getting the entire school physically active while also saving lives with food packets. With the help of 3 non-profit organizations called “Food for Famine”, “World Vision Canada” and “MANA”, these essential ready to use therapeutic food packets will be donated to children in Africa. Students will log their physical activity through an app and for every 500 calories burned, a 500 calorie packet full of RUTF will go to a child in need.

Fitness Club

Teacher sponsor: Ms. Cuccione, Mr. Thies, Mr. Neufeld  Room: fitness center

Time: 3:15- 5pm

Our fitness club is a great opportunity to work out in our amazing fitness centre for an inexpensive price and the convenience of being in our building.  You have to sign up and go through a short meeting at lunch on Thursdays. The cost is 50$ including a shirt.  Our club begins the last week of sept to the end of the school year. Monday- Thursday. Such a great deal in a great atmosphere.  This is a student lead facility that is assisted by senior students.

Green Shirt Volunteering Club

Teacher sponsor: Ms. Chapell  Room: 117/ TeamSnap app

If you would like to know about various volunteer opportunities and help out at school/community events, please attend the meeting for more information!

Flying Club

Teacher sponsor: Ms. Della  Room: 215  Time: 2nd Friday each month at lunch, but first meeting is Friday, Sept 27th.

We do all things aviation: flying in a plane, use simulators, field trip to Pitt Meadows Airport Tower, guest speakers, build and launch rockets, etc.

 Curling team

Teacher sponsor: Mr. Romani  Room: 104

Team starts practicing early October. We have made the provincials 5 straight years. We need you… it’s a low impact, social game with great people. Come out and see how much fun this game on ice really is… see you soon.

Outdoor Club

Teacher sponsor: Ms. McArthur, Ms. Yorke, Mr. Riley  Room: Portable 3  Time: Thursday’s at lunch and afterschool

Hiking, skiing, snowshoe, outdoor skills!

Boys Rugby    ​

Teacher sponsor: Mr. Kang     Room: 100

ALL BOYS grade 9 -12 interested in playing rugby should come and try it out. Stay tuned for announcements!

Girls Rugby    ​

Teacher sponsor: Mr. Kang     Room: 100

ALL GIRLS grade 9 -12 interested in playing rugby should come and try it out. Stay tuned for announcements!

Know-It-All Club

Teacher sponsor: Mr. Purdy   Room: 118       Time: Lunch

The Know-It-All club is a club inspired by the online (and soon to be physical) magazine I created and launched a year ago.  It serves as a platform for young adults to understand others, as well as feel understood in the art and words of others.  I decided a club would be the perfect opportunity to recruit students at Riverside who are interested in making connections with other teenagers who value arts and communications. The club would also serve as a safe space for students who feel as though they don’t have anyone they can speak to. They would also be able to work on submitting art, photography, poetry and other creations to our magazine and be featured!

 Fashion Club Teacher sponsor: Mr. Riley, Mrs. Collins   Room:127    Time: Tuesday’s @ lunch

Students who want a place where we talk about styling clothing + building closet essentials, share thrifting, shopping, and general fashion tips.

Excursions: going to university fashion shows/ workshops.

Tennis Team   Teacher sponsor: Mr. Chee    Room: Portable 4 practices at Gates Park

Team training will begin this September.

Model United Nations (MUN)  Teacher sponsor: Mr. Chee Room: Portable 4 Time: some lunch periods/ weekends

Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is an extra-curricular activity in which students typically roleplay delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN committees. This activity takes place at MUN conferences, which is usually organized by a high school or college MUN club.

Girls Field-hockey

Teacher sponsor:  Mrs. Johal and Mrs. Burton  Room: team meetings in room 219

Time: Two practices a week 3:30 – 4:30,  and one or two games a week

This team is open to girls in grades 9 – 12, no experience necessary.  A great way to get involved and have fun.  An easy way to develop your fitness and learn new skills.

BC Children’s Hospital Club

Teacher sponsor: Ms.Kim  Room: 120  Time: Lunch (Days TBA)

Raise money for the BC Children’s Hospital

Environmental Club

Teacher sponsor: Mr. Chan   Room: 109   Time: Wednesdays at Lunch

Environmental club is a student-run initiative to help better the environment, working through the school system. This year we are planning on combining the gardening club with the environmental club and working on keeping our school green and doing something about single-use plastics.

Riverside Swim Team

Teacher Sponsors: Ms. Della and Mr. Gangnes


Tuesday/Thursday 4pm – 5pm Eagle Ridge Pool

Starting Thursday September 9th

Monday/Wednesday 6:30am – 7:30am City Centre Aquatics Complex

Starting Monday September 30th

Swim meets location & times: TBA