For years, Riverside has been known for it’s Volleyball teams.  As it’s a sport that requires a great amount of team work, Riverside’s success has shown that students know how to work together.  The program has undergone some changes in the last few years, with students coming and going and coaches gaining experience each season, the program continues to grow.   

Math and P.E teacher, Carlo Muro, who has spent years as the senior coach, became the assistant coach a couple years ago. “Mr. Mackenzie became the coach back in 2016, and now I stand as the assistant coach,” said Muro. “Mr. Carey Brett is the coach for the Junior team.” Mr. Muro had known Rob Mackenzie since he was a child.  “I used to work with his mother in the school,” said Muro.  “Seeing him grow up to be an excellent coach is amazing.”   

The 2018 season, coming to an end late November, has been great so far.  “We’ve played in some big tournaments,” said Muro. “We’ve played at Douglas, UBC, and, recently, at Argyle.” This has started an on-going win of tournaments. The week of October 22, Riverside’s team earned a place in the

league competing against Heritage Woods. On Thursday, November 3, the senior boys’ team won in the League Playoffs, which means they will be participating in the Provincial Championships at the end of the month, beginning on Tuesday, November 27.  

“The last couple of years, the team hasn’t done as well as they’ve wanted to,” said Muro. “But with the success of this season so far, the future is bright!” With many grade 9s, 10s and 11s on the junior and senior teams doing great, the coaches have a positive outlook on not only how this season will turn out, but for building the talent for next year’s season.   

Most of the team members play volleyball outside of the school; this results in ongoing experience that extends beyond the season. “We have twelve excellent students on our senior team,” said Muro.  “Our grade 12s, Conner Strongman and Avery Elrick are really important for the team.”  The skills of each team member seem to fit together perfectly.  “Grade 11 students, Jesse Lee and Luca Mladenovic are our power hitters.”  A new addition to the senior team is grade 9, Adam ShyngAs he excels in the sport, he was granted a position on the senior team.  

Riverside’s Junior Boys Volleyball team.

As for the Junior teams? This season there were two.  Mr. Brett’s father, Rob Brett, and Zach Amaral have helped coach this season serving as an assistant coach. “We came second in districts, we won the league and we won two in Thompson River,” said Brett. “And the Fraser Valleys are starting this month.” Unfortunately, the teams weren’t granted overall success this time around, but nonetheless, they enjoyed the season.  

Although, Muro has been teaching the volleyball team for over 40 years, his favorite part is less about the sport itself.  “My favorite part about coaching are the relationships I develop with people.  “I’ve coached the children of former students coached,” said Muro. “You really do create life-long relationships.” The volleyball team has already had an exceptional beginning for the season and seems as though they will have a great ending.