On December 1, the Riverside Alumni were welcomed back to play another exciting basketball game against the Riverside Rapids. By using teamwork and hard work, the two teams had a close match with the score being 59-50 for the Alumni. The Riverside Alumni and the Riverside Rapids both had a great time getting to know each other and duking it out on the court.

Junior girl’s basketball coach, Ms. Caitlin Langford, had lots of fun seeing the Riverside alumni again and enjoyed playing against the Riverside Rapids. “Every year the games are always fun, seeing and connecting with the Riverside Alumni since they’ve left Riverside,” she said. “It was also a great way for the Riverside Rapids to learn from the Alumni and improve their basketball skills.”

Langford also described the game as a great way for the alumni to see what the Riverside senior girls’ basketball team looked like this year and reconnect with their previous coaches.

Senior girl’s basketball coach, Paul Langford, organizes the annual Riverside game and brought the two teams together for the stimulating game. “I keep in pretty good contact with most of the alumni players so it’s not too hard to get in touch with.”

He explained how many of his players have played post-secondary basketball and continue to play in co-ed leagues. “There’s not many opportunities for females to have a WNBA career, but many of them are still playing,” said Mr. Langford.

Both coaches also described the Riverside alumni game as a great opportunity to see their former players and catch up since they’ve left Riverside. “Once a Rapid, always a Rapid,” said Langford.

Senior girls basketball player, Adelyn Ho, described the game as lots of fun. “We learned a lot from the players on the alumni team and overall this game was a great experience,” she said.

Some of the Riverside alumni key players that were lined up for this year were Vanessa Gee, Christina Collins, Natalie Carkner and Fiona Beales.

We hope they enjoyed coming back to Riverside!