Riverside’s swim team did an excellent job representing our school this season.  Through many practices and races, the team found themselves at Provincials in November.   

The Provincial meet started at 8:00 am at Watermania in Richmond on November 19. There were many schools at the meet, but due to the severe flooding in November in B.C, some schools could not come. Schools such as Terry Fox, Gleneagle, Heritage, and more were at the meet, which ran into Saturday as well. This is the first season with competitions since COVID.    

 The team competed in the Fraser North tournament at the Coquitlam City Centre Aquatic Centre where they won all the events, beating out other SD43 teams.  

Swim team teacher sponsor and teacher at Riverside, Teena Della, commented on the team’s success.“Riverside’s swim team did an excellent job representing our school at the swim meet,” said Della. The girls placed sixth overall and the boys placed twelfth making their score a combined ranking of eight overall.  

Grade 12 Angelo Macaraig commented that the meet had some tough competition. “I heard St. George is a good school because they have their own pool and can use it whenever and train more,” said Macaraig. “The meet was alright; we weren’t allowed to warm up or warm down before our races, so I was extremely disappointed. Nobody was allowed to watch or stay inside other than coaches, only when you’re about to swim could you go inside.”  While the rules may have been strict, they did keep everyone safe and able to compete. 

Macaraig commented that the competition level was very high at the provincial meet. “There were the guys that were the same age as me and that knew how to swim really fast, but we still did well, “ said Macaraig.  

Della commented on this first season since COVID and the students’ attitude going back in the pool. “We had a large enthusiastic group of students this first season after COVID. They were all incredibly happy to be back.”   

The coach of the swim team was Mike Wylie, a teacher at Monty Middle School. He kindly volunteered his time to coach the swimmers at Riverside. Overall, it was a great meet.  

Go Rapids!