River’s Edge theatre started to prepare for another great performance to wow audiences once again. Riverside’s drama department has started the process to prepare the spring musical; this year’s production is Anything Goes.
The musical recites the story of two people, a popular nightclub singer, Reno Sweeney, and Billy Crocker, a love struck Wall Street broker who meet while on a journey in the S.S. American from New York to England. It’s an exciting tale of unrequited love with emotions running high, full of ups and downs.
“The last musicals I have done had darker themes of death and protests, so I wanted to do a lighter, more entertaining, more amusing musical, that ends in a triple wedding,” said Mrs. Nicole Roberge, the musical’s director, choreographer and producer.
The musical was written collaboratively by Guy Bolton and P.G. Wodehouse with the music and lyrics composed by Cole Porter. It first debuted in 1934 on Broadway. The production has been a huge hit since, and is performed all around the world. It has also been made into a movie.
“I love the songs in this musical,” said grade 11 student, Abbey Macey, a member of the play. “They are jazz standards, which is great, and the lyrics are really beautiful and heartfelt.”
DSC_0403Set just before the great depression, Billy Crocker wants nothing more than the attention of the beautiful girl he encounters on the boat, and will stop at nothing until that is achieved. However, said girl happens to be engaged to one of the most powerful and influential man in their society.
This year’s actors have already been decided through various rounds of auditions, with a final result of 54 students forming two alternating casts for the play. The performances will be featuring grade 12 students, Amber Nordstrand and Melissa Morton, double cast in the role of the main character, Reno Sweeny, on alternating days.
“The lead roles are difficult, you get to sing by yourself, so you have to make sure that you rehearsed for that properly,” said Roberge. “But it’s just as equally challenging to play a supporting role, because you’re on stage all the time supporting the action and learning two hours of singing and dancing.”The production’s opening night will be on February 25 2016, and will be on for two weeks here at River’s Edge theatre; don’t miss out!