Are you having a bad day? Did that one person in your gym class make fun of you because you’re slow at running? You might be in a bad mood because you worked hard on a project and you got a bad mark on it. Whatever happened, there are always ways to cheer yourself up

December is a stressful month as you are pressured to buy gifts for family and friends, and you might struggle financially which makes this time of year even more difficult. Malls have huge crowds, pushing around shops to get gifts for their loved ones. Most people may forget that Christmas isn’t about the gifts, it’s about having time to spend with families and making memories.

I recommend the following to help calm your nerves: have some hot chocolate served in your favorite mug; get a nice cozy blanket and lay on the couch and put on your favorite movie/series! Grab your phone, plug in headphones and play your favorite playlist. However, don’t play sad music as you might feel even worse. Vent to a close friend and get things off your chest; it’ll feel like a weight has been lifted and you can finally relax. Make a pillow fortress, get lots of blankets and take a nap there; it will be soft and perfect to fall asleep on and you will wake up feeling refreshed. Taking naps usually helps when you must get away from something or someone for a while.

Turn off your phone and go for a walk outside, get some fresh air. While you’re taking, a walk, I suggest finding a space where only yourself can be found; scream everything out! Get things off your chest! Be as loud as you want!

If you can’t/don’t want to rant to your friends then writing in a personal journal that only your eyes can see is an ideal substitute, write down all your thoughts and feelings maybe add some doodles alongside if you so please to. Give thanks for what you have! Journaling helps reduce one’s anxiety, stress, depression, etc. Journaling can be for anyone if they are just willing to try it, you don’t have to be good at writing.

Whatever you’re going through, remember that you are a strong person. The fact that you are still here is solid proof, you can get through this, it will all pass, and you’ll be fine.