The people of Gen Z have never taken criticism well. The things the ‘Boomers’ bring up; such as, the disrespect toward them and the lack of communication skills that the Gen Z’s have which annoys us Gen Z’s. The phrase ‘OBoomer’ has become a popular phrase which has been twisted to become an inside joke for their generation. From one Gen Z to the next, however, I am here to tell you they have some valid points if you would care to listen. 

For decades now, the newest generation has been asked to pull up their pants. Literally. The low hanging pants isn’t something that many would want to sport after knowing the beginning of where the trend came from. It originated from prison where inmates were not given belts, so pants were left to hang. Unless you’re locked in a cell and eating something probably worse than hospital food for every meal is the goal, pull up your pants. No one wants to see your butt. Especially in the stairwell. 

Something new that has been pointed out by the Boomers is the lack of ability of some Gen Z’s to start a conversation and to show true feeling. One example of this is the singular eye Snapchats, no words just an eyebrow and some hair. The idea of communicating to a person, a person you may have more feelings for is just so intimidating that many are left with nothing to say. Now, that doesn’t seem right. Feeling scared to talk to your crush is a normal thing, but it will never be easier. A picture of an eyebrow doesn’t count as talking to them. This is your chance, shoot your shot don’t just send an eyebrow, or better yet, talk in person! The relationship is never going to go anywhere with just an awkward half selfie. 

Social skills are something that most people can pick up fast and are ingrained into their heads from day one. Please and thank you’s, saying bless you to a sneeze and NOT YELLING IN A SHARED PUBLIC PLACE are all examples of etiquette that Boomers got right! A small piece of advice, from a retail worker, please stop yelling. This generation has the talent of being so loud sometimes, yet when you step foot into a restaurant all the sudden the only words you can make out are mumbles. When the waiter asks what you want, she really does want to know, please tell her or him in understandable words. And when a retail worker keeps looking at you it means quieting down might be a good idea. 

From one Gen Z to another, please pull up your pants, use your words and learn some respect. It will help us in the long run, so we don’t aren’t looked at as loud clothing, challenged mumblers for much longer.  

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