Universities across Canada came together at Riverside Secondary School on October 9. This event was to give students a chance to ask the representatives any questions they may have about their respective universities. A second event showcasing the universities of British Columbia took place on October 20.

A total of 51 universities came on October 9, including McGill, SFU, and the U of T. Each university had their own stands, in which students would go up to them and ask them any questions they may have. The representatives also brought brochures to hand out to the students who are interested in the universities’ programs.

This event helped students learn about the universities that aren’t in British Columbia. “Since I’m an international student, I only knew about the universities that are popular, like UBC and BCIT,” said Luis Yoon, a Korean student at Riverside. “This event helped me learn about the universities in other parts of Canada.”

The event on October 20 gave a more detailed look on the colleges and universities in British Columbia. According to Paulo Fortin, a grade 12 student that attended the programs, the representatives further explained all of the different programs that are available in the schools, as well as the campus’ themselves. The students were able to ask more questions that they had after the previous event, or for clarification on certain parts of the brochures. UBC had a separate event similar to this on October 14.

There were 18 universities that were showcased on October 20, including BCIT, SFU, Douglas College, and Capilano University.