As of July 4, 2017, Port Moody council and citizens showed its support for the LGBTQ Community by announcing that there will be a new rainbow crosswalk in Port Moody.

According to, many other areas around B.C have already built rainbow crosswalks such as Vancouver, Kelowna, Victoria, Nanaimo, New West and Maple Ridge. The community group of Port Moody that is creating an LGBTQ community has come up with the idea to have a rainbow crosswalk between Brewers Road and Rocky Point park.

Many residents are open to the idea, but the location is still up for debate. According to social media, many users are supporting the idea of adding Port Moody’s very own rainbow crosswalk. Some have mentioned that it’s a good direction Port Moody is taking, and they should keep making improvements to create a more accepting community. However, others oppose as evidence by the vandalism on the rainbow crosswalks, such as tire marks in Fort Langley.

English teacher and coordinator of Riverside LGBTQ club, Ms. Sheri Thomasen thinks it’s a great idea to add a rainbow crosswalk in Port Moody. “As an ally to the LGBT community, I think the nice thing about this crosswalk is that Port Moody is showing that a group that has been marginalized in the past is now much more accepted and included into society; it’s a towns way of putting it out there that we are looking out for all types of people,” said Thomasen.
photo courtesy of Phillip Tong of daillyhivevancouver