During the second semester, of 2018-19 school year, a bicycle mechanics course will return to Riverside. The class will be led by Mr. Abraham Kang, and he will be teaching a variety of bicycle maintenance skills to the students.

The bicycle mechanic course was introduced to Riverside two years ago and was specifically designed for the skills development program to give the students an opportunity to learn in a hands-on environment. At the time, the class was partnered with Caps Westwood Cycle, and was taught by Ms. Christine Hilliard. However, this will be the first year the course is available to all students.

Pictured: Elective teacher Mr. Kang

Students are expected to learn how to care for their bicycle, to re assemble and dis-assemble a bike from scratch, to tune up and repair a bicycle, and to learn safe cycling habits for road safety.

“I like to ride my bike a lot, and to be able fix it seems like a useful tool,” said grade 9 student, Hamza Zuberi, who will be participating in the elective. In addition, Hamza hopes to learn how to fix his bike so that he can help his friends and family if they ever need help with their bicycle.

“The whole idea behind the course is to fix bikes that are donated to us from the community,” said Kang. This helps student practice the skills they learn in class.

The course will be giving the fixed bikes to Kid Sport, which is a charity that sells used equipment and gives the money to kids to be able to participate in year-round sports. This will be a great way for Riverside students to be able to give back to the community.

When asked if the course would resume next year, Mr. Kang said he was hopeful, although it depends on how many students are aware about the elective.

Feature photo courtesy of REI co-op