Why is grade 10 the year that students learn about how to plan for their futures, when most are still unsure of their career path? Most students won’t remember the information they learned in Planning 10 once they reach their senior year. The Finance unit, resumes, university applications are all on Grade 12’s minds and they can panic once they reach their last year when all the information is completely forgotten. Grade 12 would be a much better year to learn about planning for your future and overcoming the obstacles you will face once high school is over. Most of the students in grade 10 have no idea what they want to do in the future. Most of them aren’t really thinking about it! The only thing that they’re thinking about is their social media accounts. Planning is an important course to prepare young adults for adulthood, and how to deal with difficult decisions. The course teaches you important concepts such as finances, post-secondary school options, healthy lifestyle choices, and important lessons for future careers. The Grade 10 students are most likely not ready to be learning about these topics and many don’t even care yet about what school to apply to or how to apply for a loan. The grade twelve students are closer to the right age to be learning about these important topics to prepare them for what’s about to come. There are many benefits to having a Planning course in the last year of
schooling. Students will be more prepared and have the knowledge learned in this course fresh in their minds.