Riverside’s Photography 10 and Film 11/12 classes went on their annual trip to Granville Island on December 8. The purpose for the trip is to exercise their skills in filming and photography in the real world.

Students in the Photography 10 class had to take at least 100 photos and they will use them to make an iMovie production. Students of the Film 11 and 12 classes were
assigned a one day turnaround film challenge, and they filmed their videos for the project on the island as well.granville-2-use

According to grade 9 student Victoria Cadwallader, the field trip was a source of inspiration because of the variety within its environment. “The landscape was just so different than what’s around us here [in Port Coquitlam],” said Cadwallader. “I was able to get up close to the
wildlife and take pictures of them.”

According to Pgranville-4-usehotography and Film teacher Mrs. Teri Bates, the classes always go to Granville Island because of all of the new objects that the students can film and take pictures of. “There’s warm and fuzzy stuff, there’s industrial stuff, there’s artistic stuff, and it’s where the ocean meets the land,” said Bates. “It’s a really wonderful place, it gives them a new set of eyes.”

The Photography and Film classes will be going back to Granville Island next semester with a new group of students. Students always look forward to the trip because it gives them the freedom to explore the island and take pictures in all the different places.

Photos courtesy of Victoria Cadwallader.