TikTok is where all geniuses are made, and all talents are recognised. It is where glorified idiots are infecting others around them with their idiocy. TikTok challenges are literal recipes for disasters and the people who do these challenges are disasters themselves. Some of these challenges are so stupid that it makes us wonder why people would ever do this.  

Let’s start with the Tide Pod Challenge; you may naturally assume that only young children need to be warned about consuming these detergent pods, but it turns out that people of all ages are also at risk of picking up and eating these detergent pods. The Tide Pod Challenge involves consuming Tide Pods. Pretty self-explanatory. The challenge was popular among teenagers; participants would record themselves gagging and chewing on pods before challenging others to do the same. It was reported there were two deaths, both associated with the detergent packets. Health experts say if ingested, the liquid inside the pods can cause diarrhea, coughing spells, vomiting and even the possibility of death. This trend went to the point where Tide, the company that creates these pods, had to make a video warning about the dangers of consuming the pods.  

Next up, we have the nearly as genius challenge of choking yourself. Known as the “blackout challenge.” In this clearly dangerous challenge people are encouraged to choke themselves until they pass out; this has become popular on several social platforms in recent years and has been linked to several deaths and serious injuries among children.  

Now for the true genius of TikTok, we have the skull breaker challenge. In the skull-breaker challenge, two people kick the legs out from under a third, causing them to collapse. Two students in Mexico reportedly performed their own variation of the “skull breaker” but utilised a sweater rather than their feet to trip a girl and cause her to fall to the ground. Unsurprisingly, medical professionals have denounced the practice because it may result in “severe and life-threatening injuries,” such as skull fractures, paralysis, and even death. 

TikTok teeth filing challenge.

Saving the best challenge for last, we have the teeth filing challenge. For the uninformed, the challenge consisted of various dimwits filing their teeth down to size with a nail file to straighten out their lopsided smiles. They were attempting a reshaping treatment that should be performed by a cosmetic dentist. This does irreparable damage and destruction to the person’s teeth. 

TikTok challenges are idiotic, and more people need to ignore the word ‘challenge’ when they see it because clearly, they can’t think for themselves and dive right into whatever crazy, dangerous trend is out there!