Many people need more time then they have. Delivery is a great way to make time for other more important activities such as, child care, personal care, and work.
Grocery stores such as Save-On-Foods and Safeway now have personal shoppers. These personal shoppers will go around and collect, tally the price, and box all of your groceries for you to pick them up, or even deliver them to your house. Delivery is very convenient for people who can’t spend two hours a week or more hunting for groceries and waiting in the checkout line. Instead, they can now simply spend two or three minutes to book a time for their groceries to be delivered or picked up.Pizza-Delivery Guy
Delivery doesn’t just make healthy food easier, for some people it makes healthy food possible. Imagine if you had broken your leg or arm and had nobody to drive you to the grocery store, or you can drive there but can’t collect all the groceries. Now that groceries can be delivered and collected for you, pizza, sushi, and Chinese food wouldn’t be your main food source until you’ve healed.
Amazon has started test flying drones, and promising to deliver your packages in 30 minutes. The short time is very convenient if you desperately need something and stores near you are all sold out, or have the wrong style, size, or colour. Speed delivery can take away the stress from frantic searching or driving long distances.
Some people think that delivery services are making us lazy, but people don’t realise that it’s natural to want to conserve energy. Now with healthier food available to have delivered, assuming that is what’s being bought, and consumed, the extra two hours of walking a week isn’t as useful as it was before.
People have busy lives, and sometimes it’s really hard for people to go hunting for the last book in a fairly unknown trilogy, or rifle through the shelves for the one size their favorite store never seems to have. Delivery is a very resourceful tool for the general public with little extra time. The missed exercise from pushing a grocery cart that weighs barely 50 pounds can be made up by other minor physical activities throughout the day such as, taking the dog for a walk, or chasing after energetic children.
For those who struggle with severe anxiety or agoraphobia, simply stepping outside their front door could be paralyzing. Before grocery delivering, they might have survived solely on the unhealthy fast food chains that deliver, but unlike someone with an injury impairing them, people with severe anxiety and agoraphobia won’t heal or grow out of it; it’s not just convenient for them to be able to obtain healthy and nutritious fruits and vegetables, but completely necessary. The delivery system is a very effective way to spend time wisely and efficiently.

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