It’s safe to say that Apple Inc. releases a new iPhone every year. That being said, the amount of hype and controversy over the new iPhone 7 is ridiculous. Of course, Apple did change up the game with this new phone, removing the headphone jack and making the device waterproof. These new features have been a hit or miss with consumers and have even sparked some outrage.

The new design of the iPhone 7 does not include the 3.5mm headphone jack to listen to music. You have to use an adapter that plugs into the charger cord where you can then plug in your headphones. Because of the adapter plugs into the charging hole, listening to music and charging your phone at the same time can never be done again, unless you want to pay $219 CAD for Apples new AirPods. The AirPods are a wireless Bluetooth ear pod set that includes a charging case because they will only last 5 hours without being charged. People find it hard enough not to lose their normal cord headphones, a cordless pod version of that sounds like a recipe for disaster.

So why has the iPhone 7 been getting so much hype? The only problematic aspect of it is the lack of a headphone jack, but people can easily get over it. On Instagram and twitter, countless “memes” have been made, mocking the updates of the iPhone and the popularity of the subject. But those only further the hype and discussion about Apple, which it’s safe to say everyone is tired of hearing about.