On February 14, 2018, a shooter entered Majory Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland, Florida, killing 17 people, as well as injuring 17 others.  Following this event, five students from Parkland, Emma González, Cameron Kasky, Jaclyn Corin, David Hogg, and Alex Wind, took charge to protest gun laws.  On March 24, these five young adults organized March for Our Lives, a nation-wide protest following to bring awareness to the lives lost because of the lack of gun control in the United States.  Although these teens seemed to be everywhere, from televisions to the cover of Time magazine, for the few months surrounding what had happened, lately, there hasn’t been much news on them.  However, all of them are still active in trying to keep awareness alive.   

González, the most recognizable regarding this movement, wrote a speech that has gone viral.  She gained recognition after proclaiming “We call B.S.” to the N.R.A and government to act on gun laws.   Today, she uses the platformed she received to speak up about other political issues. Recently, on her twitter (@Emma4Change), spoke out about the “I Believe Her” movement based of the sexual assault allegations brought up by survivor, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford against supreme court judge, Brett Kavanaugh.  One of these tweets has sparked controversy as she called Kavanaugh a “privileged white boy.” González has also been advocating to get people to vote in the November midterms.  Overall, Emma González has spoken out about a variety of injustices. 

Co-founder of March for Our Lives, Cameron Kasky has been working on his podcast, Cameron Knows Nothing.  Kasky often states how he regrets confronting Florida senator, Marco Rubio about whether he would reject NRA money or not.  He now looks at his wording as “immature”.  He has still been speaking out on gun reform, but has unfortunately left March for Our Lives.  

David Hogg, another student, spoke at Harvard University recently on September 24.  He is also scheduled to speak at Boston University on October 13m about gun control.  He has been advocating about gun laws since the shooting in February and has been speaking out as much as he can. 

Alex Wind and Jaclyn Corin, they have kept fighting for the cause and have participated in various protest groups.   

These five teenagers are in the process in becoming historical icons.  Showing that one is never too young to fight for a cause and changing the world.

Photo courtesy of www.orlandoweekly.com