Oh Canada

Oh Canada
On stolen native land
We uncover 215 children
Buried beneath the sand
Did you make them stand and sing
Hymns of foreign tune
Left them with scars, so deep
And 7 generations of ruin
Oh Canada
Does your patriot love not see?
The broken backs and railroad tracks Of Canadian Chinese
Internment camps and racist stamps for friends and family
Did your sons command the death and ban of our Japanese?
Oh Canada
With glowing hearts, we ask for time onstage
For the white man there is rewriting
Everything on our page
We see the rise- In hate crimes
As my scarf is grabbed
Slurs are spat
and families run down
For I become a terrorist When I wear my fabric crown
Oh Canada
The true north strong and free?
Then why is having skin dark Its own slavery
Dealers, thieves, and vandals
Narratives you love
For one story per race
Must be enough?
Oh Canada
From far and wide
Under red and white
We attempt Canadian proud
But shrink under the weight
Of this maple leaf shroud
Oh, Canada
We stand on guard for thee
But when will you start standing
For them, For her, For me? Ammarah Siddiqui

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