The Improv club at Riverside has been around for several years, and has always been a beneficial way for drama students to learn important life skills around improvisation. The improv club focuses their attention on improve games, activities, and exercises in order to become better thinkers and be able to think fast on the spot without a script.

A Musical improv group called “Off Key improv” needed a theatre space to practice as Vancouver is at a premium right now and is very expensive for the group to practice, so Wednesday’s at 7:00 Ms. Nicole Roberge offers the group a space to practice for free in return for some help around the drama room. “Part of the Newsies set was built by Off Key improv in return for using the drama space,” said Roberge.

The Improv club at Riverside is down to about six members and is need of new members. “Lately I have needed to re inspire my Improv club so I invited Off Key to work with them on new activities and exercises,” said Roberge. Mitch Boliszczuk and Peter Abando from the Vancouver Improv scene came to work with five improv students from the club. Musical ImprovIs exceedingly challenging but incredibly thrilling for the students. “No one knows what Abando will play or sing on the piano but they sing and act on the spot and that’s what makes it so funand intriguing,” said Roberge. Off Key Improv is famous around Vancouver for putting on improvised one hour musicals at the Havana Theatre. Improv is always useful for whatever you end up doing in the future and is a challenging but interesting way to act on the spot.