The Arctic apple was created by Okanagan Specialty Fruits three years ago, but it has only just been approved by Health Canada. This nonbrowning apple is expected to be on supermarket shelves by early 2016.
The arctic apple has been genetically modified so that it doesn’t brown when cut. When a normal apple is cut, and then exposed to the air, oxygen is introduced into the damaged tissues and causes causes the apple to go brown. This process is completely natural and the brown colour doesn’t affect the taste of the apple in any way. Yet, Arctic apples don’t brown.
This is because because scientists at Okanagan Specialty Fruits have found a way to prevent browning. By using a process called gene silencing, they silence the PPO gene (polyphenol oxidase) which produces the brown colour and so create a non-browning apple.
If the brown colour of the apples doesn’t affect the taste in any way, then why get rid of it? According to, “The GM apple threatens the market for all apples.” True enough, they will last longer and will be more appealing to consumers, but this one apple could put apple farmers out of business. More GMO apples, less demand for natural apples and so less apple farmers. also comments that “The GM apple is unnecessary. There are already safe techniques that industry and consumers use to slow browning after apples are cut.” pushes the apples as completely normal. “No frankenfood here, folks – just apples, now with suppressed PPO to stop enzymatic browning.” said If this apple isn’t so called “Frankenfood”, then why has the company refused to label the apples as GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)?
Here in Canada, GMO labeling is not mandatory. Soon, some believe that will no longer know what we are eating. According to, corn, soybeans, sugar beets, potatoes, tomatoes, squash and golden rice are all ready GMO. Non of these foods are labeled as GMO. Supermarkets could be selling GMO tomatoes and no-one would know.
These apples will be in stores by early 2016. Soon, all of our food will be GMO, and we won’t even realize it. The same company that created the Arctic apple is talking about creating an apple with no seeds.